James B. Woodley, DVMJames B. Woodley, DVM

Dr. Woodley is a 1969 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.  He opened the Hempstead Veterinary Clinic in 1970 and later opened Waller Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Woodley is a member of the Hempstead Lions Club and belongs to several local and national veterinary associations. Dr. Woodley would like to extend his appreciation to all his clients for trusting him and his staff to provide quality veterinary care for their pets over the years and looks forward to meeting new clients.
Dr. Woodley is at the Waller location every Thursday morning.

Kenneth D. Bockhorn, DVMKenneth D. Bockhorn, DVM

Dr. Bockhorn is at the Waller location every Monday-Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday.